Samba walk again!

SAMBA , es una perrita de 3 años que tuvo que hacer rehabilitación neurológica por EDDI (enfermedad degenerativa del disco intervertebral) , es decir por dos hernias discales , una toraco- lumbar (quirúrgica) y otra lumbo-sacra.

Su propietaria Melanie, hizo todo lo posible y más aún para ayuadarla a recuperarse y vá contando su historia…


Although Vet Mauro Sanna,  has very kindly operated on Samba  has so far proved to be very experience…

After the operation Samba was in a lot of pain but she seems more comfortable now. The last few days have been very worrying because I have noticed that Samba’s legs are cool. She still has some feeling in her paws but have to squeeze them really tight. Therefore she will need to recieve as much fisiotherapy as possible!



This is Stella, Samba’s vetinarians physiotherapist. She has been visiting and treating Samba right from the start. She works with electromagnetic therapy which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. She was recommended to us by a neighbor whose dog she had cured with this treatment alone. Since Stella had had such great success with other animals, we tried this therapy with Samba before the operation. But after looking at the Magnetic Resonance , it was clear that the compression was too severe to be cured by this therapy alone. Stella is now coming to house everyday to assist samba with her rehabilitation.


"Week 1"
"Week 1"
Foto de Melanie Michelle Keel.
"Week 3 - after the operation"
Foto de Melanie Michelle Keel.

Good night and thank you so much to everyone for helping us! I am very grateful! Here we are in the countryside breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the nature around us! What is most important now is that Samba continues to make a good recovery and recieves regular physiotherapy!

20 dias después de la cirugía su propietaria la filma en la montaña caminando…

caminando con Samba



2 thoughts on “Samba walk again!

  1. If somebody can health ur dog that’s Stella. She’s kinda expert & sensitive to pets. Stella treated ur dog: Arale. Arale, at the age of 4-5 months started to suffer osteochondritis dissecans ( and she stopped walking, playing with dogs and she turned very sad. 1st doctor said to us: we need to operate Arale. Bullshit.
    Stella came and Arale’s rebirth started out. Stella brought to us, and especially to Arale, a new life. Always be grateful.

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